My name is Joseph McCray Sr. and I am your Candidate for the U. S. House of Representative for Congressional District 6 in Sacramento, California. If elected, it would be an honor and privilege to service.

My campaign is based on the strong moral and ethical values that have governed my life. My honor and integrity are driven by my family and faith. I believe education and personal responsibility are fundamental to the development of one’s character and work performance.

Government spending (originally Debt/ spending reduction) With the federal budget running at a loss of almost a trillion dollars and the United States' debt nearing $17 trillion dollars it’s clear that Congress is spending too much of taxpayers money too fast.

As your Congressman, I will work towards a more efficient and more responsible federal spending policy’s and seeks bipartisan solution to balance the federal budget without taxing the middle-class.

Listening to your concerns and bringing positive actions and results will always be my top priorities.